Wireless Router Repeater

Using Wireless Router Signal Repeating

Wireless router repeater:

A wireless router repeater is a wireless router with a special feature added to the router, so it can perform additional duties beyond that of a traditional host router.

The actual role of a router is to route data, and pass Ethernet packets to other routers on the network while trying to maintain the most current and updated router table possible.

Having a wireless router to wireless router connection can be a nice feature to have when needing to change the role of your wireless router to wireless router repeater, and using it to expand or extend your wireless network range.

wireless router repeater

We're going to explain how a wireless router is used as a network repeater, when you should consider using this feature.

We'll also give advice on other possible solutions to achieve the same or better results for your wireless home network.

How is a wireless repeater used:

Wireless repeaters are used to extend the range of a wireless base routers signal by allowing the WiFi Technology to hop over to the repeater and regenerate the signal again at the wireless router repeater location, thus expanding the range of the wireless network as a whole.

Router repeaters are normally placed at the outer edges of the base routers signal radius to achieve the greatest repeated distance of the Wireless Router Range.

Repeaters are connected by the RF signal being broadcasted between the "wireless router and wireless repeater" or "wireless router to wireless router" acting as one piece of network equipment, so both units must be using the same frequency channel and security mode in order to communicate properly.

Wireless repeater can however use different SSID network names between connected stations allowing you to decide on which wireless access point you want to join, this gives you more control over network performance at a particular location.

tech tip

If you're planning on extending the wireless range of your home network for the purpose of online gaming or using applications which are dependent on accessing other network resources, you will not like the performance experienced with wireless signal repeating. You're best off, using an Ethernet cable to cascade between network routers.

Should I use a wireless router to wireless router connection:

Wireless router repeating is best used when the location of both wireless stations are considered during the planning and placement of the each wireless repeater.

The farther the wireless repeater is located from the base router, the slower the performance will be for the computers and devices connecting at the repeated location.

When RF signal waves are stronger near the transmitted location, less packet resends are necessary due to signal loss from dense solid objects and interference from other electronic devices.

The best method of extending your wireless home network range would be cascading wireless routers using an Ethernet cable to maintain the highest network performance possible.

What are other solutions:

Wireless router repeater function is just one of many possible solutions.

If you need to extend the range of your wireless signal for just one or two devices, you might want to try looking at a Wireless Signal Booster.

Other ways of gaining better connectivity at distances would be by taking a good look at your wireless home network topology, and perhaps utilizing innovative technologies like dual band and MIMO technology to increase the reliablity of your wireless router range.


Many people are using wireless router to wireless router repeating to enhance their wireless home network range, and eliminate Wi-Fi dead spots created by gaps in their wireless network.

Whichever method you choose in creating your perfect wireless home network coverage, wireless router extending is a convenient way to expand your home network without having to mess around with crimpers and cables.

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