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Wireless Range Extender:

A wireless router range extender is an 802.11b/g/n wireless enabled device to help expand your wireless router range for your home network.

Its purpose is to receive broadcasted Wi-Fi signals from wireless routers or wireless access points and relay the signal to extend the wireless networks range.

A range expander can be placed in between two router radio wave connection points in order to relay the Wi-Fi signal from one device to the next.

Range extenders work great for large homes and office buildings that require wireless communications throughout
the location without having to run Ethernet cables or manage wiring closets.

Many people rely on their newly purchased full featured wireless router to provide an excellent Wi-Fi coverage area
for their home network, only to find that their wireless router range what they expected.

Wireless router range depending on the wireless standard being used can only transmit a signal a finite distance from the router before the laws of physics take over.


The WiFi range extender:

Wireless range extenders are positioned between the router and the network equipment which will receive the signals.

The received wireless router signals are then regenerated and repeated across the network, allowing wireless enabled devices further away from the router to feel as if they were in its close proximity.

To place the wireless router range extender in the best location, try and position it halfway to the height of the ceiling and to the outer edges of the routers signal range.

To test the performance of the desired location, transmit a large file approximately 100MB in size across the wireless path from connecting the wireless range extender to the router recording the transfer time and rate.

tech tip

Try this test at several distances from the router, and position the wireless range extender at the best wireless router range.

Choosing the right wireless range extender:

There are many wireless range expanders on the market today, so make sure you read the network specifications to see that it will work with your wireless enabled devices you're trying to support.

I would recommend in choosing an 802.11n wireless router range extender, because Draft-N networking products are backwards compatible with older 802.11b and g specifications, and support the current security types up to WPA2 keeping your wireless network safe.

More than ever people are searching for and implementing this simple and convenient device to solve their wireless network frustrations and eliminating dead zones throughout their wireless home network.

Best Price Wi-Fi Range Extenders

The wireless router range extender is the easy and cost effective way to increase the effective range of your wireless home network for all your wireless enabled devices, making it the right choice!

How router signals travel:

Wireless G router signals travel approximately 125ft indoors, and out to distances of 460ft in open areas with no obstructions.

Wireless Draft-N router signals can go an approximate 230ft inside, and reach out to 820ft in open spaces in the best conditions.

Always be aware of electronic interferences when deciding where to locate the best spot for your wifi range extenders and wireless routing equipment.

The more solid objects and electronic equipment operating on the same frequency band as your wireless network devices the weaker the signal is like to be.

Interference and frequent loss of signal connectivity, means slower network performance, and shorter wireless range from attenuation.

What is attenuation:


Attenuation is the reducing strength of transmitted radio signals which are affected by objects and particles that a signal must pass through during the natural expansion of the radio waves front as it passes through open space, like ripples in a pond.

Wireless connectivity suffers as the radio signal passes through solid objects of dense matter obstructing the radio wave front causing a momentary loss of signal connectivity, which results in the dropping of network packets and slower network performance.

That's it! WHNME,hopes that you now have a better knowledge and understanding of how WiFi range extenders can enhance your wireless home networks capabilities.

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