WiMAX Application

Innovative Applications For
WiMAX Wireless Fixed And Mobile Networks

WiMAX application:

As new wireless technologies emerge from the endless strive to advance our world so do the applications we use.

WiMAX Service Providers have been hard at work brainstorming the next WiMAX application to push boundaries.

Since its development WiMAX products also known as WiMAX CPE for customer provided equipment have been showing up in a variety of form factors.

The search for the next WiMAX deployment was the motivation behind why we now have both 802.16d Fixed and 802.16e Mobile WiMAX functionality, and even though these two protocols operate entirely different they complement each other in the most unexpected way.

wimax application

WiMAX has the ability to transmit high output signals at broadband speeds to Fixed 802.16d terminal devices.

While tailoring power and processing to smaller form factor devices is where WiMAX really comes into its own.

This mixture of device applications has allowed us to create new and innovative solutions.

Getting started:

When the combination of both Fixed and Mobile WiMAX communications comes together endless possibilities appear.

When businesses really started to take a closer look how this new WiMAX application could save them both time and money.

Applications for this new and evolving telecommunications process are materializing before our eyes.

WHNME is going to reveal how WiMAX technology has entrenched itself with a very strong foot hold into our society, in both home and office environments.

wimax products

Workforce management:

The WiMAX application for the business mobile workforce has tremendous advantages over previous systems with voice and data packet interoperability between both client and customer, communications can be handled in real time between all interested organizations.

Front end business transactions can now be conducted virtually anywhere while high level associates can monitor the execution of business from situation rooms and through the use of WiMAX VoIP, clients can engage when management level decision making is required.

Mobile WiMAX phone devices will keep employees in the field a click away, as they are now part of How WiMAX Works with the business network giving workforce management the edge through the interoperability of integrated systems.

There will be many high tech applications ahead for this growing technology as the exchange between both 802.16d Fixed and 802.16e Mobile WiMAX products coalesce through advancements in form factor technology improvements.

wimax content distribution

Content distribution:

Perhaps the most productive applicable WiMAX solution for our world ahead will be in content delivery networks, and there no other telecommunication system better suited to the task then WiMAX.

Businesses all around world containing fax modems, network copiers, digital projectors, Internet TV's and more all connected via WiMAX card and added to the WiMAX wireless network.

Content delivery systems networked through global WiMAX Interoperability will bring international business relationships to the conference table, with high tech WiMAX device improvements allowing entire boardroom meetings to take place without a single member of the party physically being in the room.

A WiMAX device whether it be office equipment or a Network Media Extender digitally streaming media to all systems and departments linked to the WiMAX wireless network, will be an incredible asset to any business organization for years to come.

Public safety systems:

As the world revolves around us, and populations increase at an ever astonishing rate, the need for an advanced public safety system is long overdue.

Public safety is a major concern in today's day and age where natural disasters and civil uprisings are occurring more frequently, and using the most advanced communications protocol as the fabric for relaying information is a WiMAX application worth implementing.

WiMAX CPE Devices will soon be integrated into many of our current systems from tsunami and earthquake warning systems to mobile WiMAX wireless communications equipment deployed in police and emergency vehicles.

This type of WiMAX solution will create real time communications between all organizations called to the engagement, bringing total control to our public safety services through a means of known as situational awareness.

As WiMAX wireless technology advances and propagates through our world there is sure to be through the nature of its interoperability an increasing need for another WiMAX application.

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