UPnP Media Server

Wireless Media Server Setup

What is a UPnP Media Server:

A media server is a network device that has the ability to store files and folders containing media, like a hard drive.

The main difference between standard hard drive folders and media server folders is throughput and functionality.

UPnP media servers are designed and built knowing that the data to be stored on them will need to be accessed at incredible speeds.

upnp media server

The Media Server option in your wireless router gives you the ability to share stored multi-media content with other UPnP AV, Twonky media server or DLNA certified devices attached to your wireless home network.

These "Media Extenders" have the capability to search your wireless home network for UPnP AV media server folders containing content, access it, and stream the media through themselves and out onto your home theater system.

There are many types of media extenders today. Blu-ray, Xbox 360, PS3, and Roku players are just a few of them. You can also, install "Extender Software" on a PC or laptop making it a PC media center for your home network.

How a router becomes a UPnP media server:

If you own a high performance wireless router, chances are it has the wireless media server option built into it.

The twonky media server option will require a formatted USB network storage device be attached to the storage port on the back of the router.

In this example We'll be demonstrating a media server setup using a Linksys E4200 series wireless router, an excellent choice for streaming your movies and video related content.

Linksys Router Login Procedures    Netgear Router Login Procedures
Belkin Router Login Procedures    D-Link Router Login Procedures

If you need help logging into your wireless router, We provide instructions for the top 4 producers of wireless enabled routers on the market.

Setting up your Media Server Folders:

media server storage tab
  1. Upon entering the routers main setup screen, locate and click on the "Storage" tab, and then the "Media Server" tab on the sub-menu.

  2. This is the UPnP Media Server setup page, where you can specify the folders to be scanned by the router and entered into its internal database for available media to be accessed by media extenders on your wireless home network.

    You might want to organize your media by creating "Media Folders" with meaningful names.

    Giving your "Media Folders" category names, such as "Music", "Pictures" and "Video" to keep your media content separated, will make things more enjoyable when searching your files through your media extenders user interface.

    media server setup
  3. In the section "Setup" Type in "Router Media Server" in field labeled "Media Server Name", and change the "UPnP Media Server" radio button "Enabled".

  4. media server database
  5. In the "Database" section, Click on the button
    "Specify Folder to Scan".

  6. This opens the "Media Folder" applet page, where you can create unique sub folders on your wireless media server.

  7. Create 3 folders called, Movies, Music and Pictures, by typing in each name into the "New Folder" field and clicking on "Create".

  8. media server save settings
  9. When you're finished creating all your UPnP av media server category folders, Click on the "Save Settings" button on the bottom of the page.

  10. Once you have created your folder structure and have copied your media content to the correct folder, under the "Database" section of the UPnP Media Server page, Click on the "Scan" button for each folder containing media you want to be accessible from the network.

When scanning is complete, the routers Media Server setup database will be updated, and the new content added will be available for streaming to your home networks entertainment system by your favorite media extender.

That's it! You just greatly enhanced the functionality of your wireless home network.

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