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Satellite Internet:

Satellite Internet access providers for suburban and rural areas have been competing for over a decade.

Each Internet service provider uses one of several methods developed for providing service to their clients depending on their location.

Internet satellite access for laptops is available in 1 Way, 2 Way and mobile satellite Internet service packages.

Each access method has its own unique process for data transmit and receive depending on what type of service you're looking for.

satellite internet

1 Way and 2 Way satellite Internet access providers are the most popular choice for residential satellite Internet service, and both provide cheap satellite Internet service solutions if your select low bandwidth plans.

Internet mobile satellite services on the other hand are far more robust and expensive than the previous service types, but can provide very high bandwidth operations that support video streaming and VoIP services while on the move.

Getting started:

Since Internet from satellite comes in different forms we'll be discussing each type of service separately, and let you form your own opinion as to which Internet satellite company will be best for you.

We'll be providing a description of each communications technology pointing out its strengths and weaknesses, and also presenting you with a chart displaying advertised connection speeds and pricing by some of the most popular satellite broadband Internet providers available.

When searching for satellite Internet companies you should always ask what other services they offer, because many satellite internet access providers offer satellite TV and Internet service as well as solutions for VoIP devices, if you're plan permits.

Compare Satellite Internet Service Providers

Satellite* Provider Technology Connection Speed Download (Mbps) Upload (Mbps) Price Plan
SkyWay USA 1 Way Platinum 1.5 Mbps Dial-Up Speed $89.95/Mo 1 Way Power200 2.0 Mbps Dial-Up Speed $89.99/Mo
EarthLink 2 Way Power200 2.0 Mbps 300 Kbps $89.99/Mo
StarBand 2 Way Nova1500 1.5 Mbps 256 Kbps $99.99/Mo
GroundControl Mobile Satellite iDirect MAX 3GB 5 Mbps 2 Mbps $599.00/Mo
* Chart does not reflect Internet Service Providers early months teaser rates. Prices listed may vary depending on your service area and services subscribed to. Listed speeds are based upon website advertisements offered at the time of update.

1 way Satellite Internet:

If you're looking for an affordable or cheap satellite Internet service and you still live in an area that provides phone service, the best solution for price and performance will be a 1 Way satellite Internet connection.

Satellite technology was designed for broadcasting service, and never intended for bi-directional data transmission due the time delay in the return signal. This lag in performance is known as latency, which is why 1 Way systems are a more reliable high speed solution for satellite Internet.

The one way satellite internet companies use a dial-up connection for uploading which only requires minimal bandwidth and receives downloads via satellite at broadband speeds producing amazing Internet performance to subscribers living within this service range.

1 Way Internet satellite access equipment and service calls are also much lower in cost than that of 2 Way systems, and in most cases the installation can be performed without the assistance of a satellite Internet access providers technician reducing overall startup costs.

2 way Satellite Internet:

Subscribers living outside the reaches of suburban areas can also enjoy Internet connection with 2 Way satellite Internet service, which only requires a satellite dish mounted with a clear view of the southern skies.

Two way satellite Internet companies use a satellite modem which connects directly to a mini dish that beams and relays data off a satellite in geosynchronous orbit down to a hub facility which is connected to satellite Internet access providers.

However, subscribers looking to achieve high bandwidth operations like streaming video, online gaming and VoIP services should try looking for an alternative solution, as 2 Way satellite transmissions exceed the limits of latency for satellite wireless Internet connection.

In 2 Way systems rural satellite Internet users typically experience higher costs involved with equipment and service calls due to the nature of the technology, and will have the better service reliability in dry clear sky conditions as heavy rains can degrade performance.

Mobile Satellite Internet:

Mobile satellite broadband Internet access users typically use this service type for business applications due to the expensive equipment and the higher priced service plans.

Portable broadband Internet is made available to laptops, smart phones or any wireless enabled device connected to a BGAN terminal, short for Broadband Global Area Network.

Broadband global area network service is much higher in price than satellite dish services available to subscribers of 1 or 2 Way residential satellite systems, but if you have the means and money you can enjoy high Internet satellite services speed anywhere on the globe with exception to the polar caps.

Internet mobile satellite services even have solutions for those who need to be on the move with In-Motion terminals. These high tech and innovative devices push the limits of satellite technology, with a price a tag to match.

We hope you have a better knowledge of satellite internet access providers and their equipment, so you can make a more informed decision when selecting the service that's right for you.

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