Reset Netgear Router

How to Reset Netgear Router
to Factory Default Settings

Reset netgear router:

When discussing how to reset Netgear router, its important to point out that this operation should only be performed only as a last resort option to gain access to the routers setup and configuration menus.

If you have never changed the administrative password for your Netgear wireless router, you may want to try using the routers default username and password first.

This will save the time of having to setup and reconfigure it all over again.

If you dont know your default Netgear Router Password, we have provided a list of the most common login credentials used in Netgear routers.

The reset procedure will restore the router back to its out of the box factory default settings and wipeout the routers configuration.

What Will The Reset Effect:

All the proprietary settings you may have setup for gaming systems, and applications to transmit and communicate over the Internet will be cleared from its memory and need to be reconfigured again.

Port forwarding you have previously setup for public services on your network to allow access for email servers, video conferencing, or any other specialized Internet applications, these ports will be blocked again.

Now that we've disclosed some of the potential problems you may encounter, lets move on to the factory settings about to be restored.

How to reset Netgear router:

The default setting for external router IP request after the router is reset will be DHCP.

Meaning that the needed IP information will be automatically requested by the Netgear router from your ISP's primary domain controller allowing you to connect and surf the Internet.

There are some Internet Service Providers (ISP) that require the use of "static" IP information to be entered into your wireless routers configuration settings before being able to connect to the Internet.

This documentation can be requested from your ISP, if needed.

Lets get started:

Lets first prepare all your wireless enabled devices for the changes ahead, by shutting down or turning off all of your wireless network devices before we start.


After the netgear router is reset they will no longer be able to connect to your wireless router using the old settings.

Once your wireless router is reset and reconfigured again, you can startup all your wireless enabled network devices and connect them with the newly applied router settings.

In this example we will be using a Netgear WNDR3400 N600 series wireless router.

netgear router power port
  1. Disconnect the power cable from the back of your Netgear router, and verify that all the operating lights are off and that the router is completely powered down.

  2. netgear router reset button
  3. On the backside of your Netgear wireless router, view and find the small "Reset" entry hole located just to the left of the readyshare USB port.

  4. Using a small tool like the end of a paperclip press down and hold the "Reset" button for 30 seconds while the Netgear router is completely powered up.

  5. This will reset Netgear wireless router and clear any previously stored information within the routers memory back to its original factory settings.

  6. When the router has completely cycled through its startup process and the WLAN and Internet lights are on, and the router appears to be at its ready state you can connect to the router with an ethernet/network cable and login with the routers default login username and password.

Your reset Netgear router procedure is now complete!

Now that you know how to reset your netgear router back to its default settings, you may need some assistance in setting up your wireless router. If you do, follow the link below back to the Netgear wireless router main page.

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