Netgear Wireless Router

Configure Netgear Router and Advanced Setup

Netgear Wireless Router:

The Netgear wireless router installation process is very simular between all the different models.

Im going to show you how to set it up manually without the installation CD that came in the box.

It just takes a few minutes, and this way you'll become familure with router setup features that your model of wireless router contains.

In this example were going to be using screenshots for the N600 Netgear WNDR3400 Dual Band Router.

netgear wireless router
netgear router port

Connecting To The Router:

When setting up the router for the first time, you must connect directly to the router with a network cable. Take the equipment out of the box, and gather the router, the routers power cord, and the network cable that came in the box.

  1. Take one end of the network cable and plug it into "port 1" on the back of the router.

  2. Take the other end of the network cable and plug it into the network port on your PC or laptop.

  3. Make sure your PC or laptop is powered on, and booted up to a desktop and ready for work.

  4. Plug the routers power cord to the back of the wireless router, and the other end to a working AC outlet.

  5. Let the router power up for approx 3mins, until the router is at a ready state.

internal router address

Logging Into the Router:

  1. On your PC or laptop, open an internet web browser, such as Internet Explorer or Firefox, or which ever browser you prefer when surfing the web.

  2. Dont worry if you get an error message " No web page can be displayed ", were going to type in the IP address of the router itself.

    The routers setup and configuration menus are HTML based and is accessable through your web broswer.

  3. Just go to the URL address line where you normally see the web address displayed, and type in:

  4. HTTP:// (or) HTTP:// depending on which model of Netgear router you have and press the "enter" key.

  5. A router login box should appear on the center of your screen, prompting you for a username and password. Username should be "admin" and the Password should be "password", and click the OK button to login to your router.

  6. If the Netgear login box does not appear on your screen, then try these other username and password combinations for most common Netgear related products.

    Default Username Default Password
    admin password
    admin admin
    admin 1234
    leave blank 1234
    super 5777364
    superman 21241036

netgear wireless settings

Setup the 2.4GHz and 5GHz Networks:

You should now be logged into your Netgear wireless router, and your web browser should be displaying the routers main setup screen.

  1. On the opening page for the Netgear configuration screen, click on the link labeled "Wireless Settings" in the upper right hand corner of the page, as follows.

  2. The N600 is a Dual Band router, meaning it can operate on both a 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks to connect and transmit data.

    We'll be setting up both networks. Please note: when connecting 2.4GHz devices they will ONLY see the 2.4GHz network, and 5GHz devices will see both networks giving you the option to choose which one you want to connect with.

    In the section labled "Wireless Network 2.4GHz b/g/n" enter a name for your network in the field "Name (SSID)", and in the field labeled Mode make sure its set to "Up to 145Mbps".

    2.4GHz settings
  3. In the security options section for the 2.4GHz network, choose "WPA2-PSK[AES]".

  4. In the field labeled "Passphrase" enter a 8-63 character security password. This is the passphrase you will be using when connecting devices to the 2.4GHz network.

  5. For the 5GHz network section enter your (SSID) to name the network, and choose "Up to 300Mbps" for the Mode type as follows.

  6. 5GHz settings
  7. In the security options section for the 5GHz network, and choose "WPA2-PSK[AES]".

  8. In the field labeled "Passphrase" enter your security password for the 5GHz network.

  9. TIP: This might be a good time to write down your passphrases and put them in a safe place incase you forget what they are.

  10. To save settings, simply click on the "Apply" button at the bottom of the page.

Once you've applied the settings, your all done!

Unplug the network cable from your Netgear router, and lets get it connected to your modem.

netgear router port

Connecting the Newly Configured Router to Your Modem:

Now that you have configured your router for use, lets get it connected properly. Have the items needed infront of you, which are ( the Netgear wireless router, the routers power cord, and the ethernet cable/network cable)that came in the box.

  1. Take one end of the network cable and plug it into the "internet port" on the back of the router, which is usually yellow in color.

  2. Take the other end of the network cable and plug it into the network port on your internet modem that was provided to you by your Internet Service Provider.

  3. Plug in the power cable for your router in the back of the router, and the other end into a working AC outlet.

NOTE: if you are using a desktop PC and do not have a wireless network card, you will have to connect an additional network cable from your desktop PC to Port 1 on the back of the router. If, you have laptop or your desktop with a wireless network card, then the network cable is not nesessary because you'll be connecting wirelessly to your router.

Now, to make sure all equipment is working properly and communicating to each other, we're going to reset all the equipment, so that TCP/IP passes IP's from your ISP, to the MODEM, to your Netgear wireless ROUTER, and then to your PC or laptop. Please follow the next instructions precisely!

  1. Unplug the power cable from your Internet Modem, and your Netgear wireless router, so that they are both powered off, and wait 2mins! for those of you that are impatient, perhaps you should get stop watch, because rushing it will only make it not work, and cause you to get frustrated.

  2. First plug in the power to your Internet Modem, and wait another 2mins. We're doing this because the modem needs to request an IP address from your Internet Service Provider, and go through its power on cycle until its reached a "ready state" after about 3mins.

  3. Next plug in the power to your Router, and wait another 2mins. We're doing this because just as the modem needed to request an IP, your router is doing the same thing from your modem. After the router is all powered up and at a "ready state" meaning 2mins have passed, you may proceed.

  4. Go to your PC or laptop, and restart it and let it boot up all the way to your desktop screen.

  5. If your using a desktop PC with a wired network connection, open your browser and you should be able to browse the web.

  6. wireless connection manager
  7. If, your using a wireless connection, then look in the lower righthand corner of your computer screen near the time display, and put your mouse pointer over the wireless connection manager icon, and click on "connect to available networks".

  8. A dialog box should appear on your screen showing all available networks. Look for your network name and double click on it, and then enter the "passphrase key" you created during the Netgear wireless router setup process, and press enter.

  9. Once it displays "connected", simply open your internet browser, and you should be on the web. Enjoy!

  10. Your Netgear Wireless Router is now ready for use!

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