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Netgear Router Setup:

Only 2 router configuration pages need to be filled out with information for the router to operate.

The "Basic Settings" page which basically tells the router to either request IP information automatically from your ISP's Primary Domain Controller using DHCP, or providing "static IP" information from the basic settings page inside the router.

The "static IP" information should have been provided to you by your ISP.

If you need to enter it, because you purchased a new wireless router or the settings in your old router have been lost, then you'll need to contact your ISP and request another copy, before you can continue with the Netgear router setup process.

Lets get started by logging into your Netgear wireless router.

If your not familiar with the Netgear Router Login process, we can help you with all the most common models of Netgear wireless routers.

Basic Settings:

In this example we'll be using the Netgear router setup pages from a WNDR3400 N600 dual band wireless router.

netgear router basic settings
  1. After you login to your router, you'll be looking at the main setup page which has a navigation bar on the leftside of the page.

  2. Under the section labeled "Setup", the 2 areas we'll be populating in this example are "Basic Settings" and "Wireless Settings".

  3. Click on the link titled "Basic Settings", and the screen will be displayed on the rightside of the page allowing us to choose whether we want to request our routers IP information automatically by DHCP, or to manually enter the IP information which your ISP has provided you during your startup of service.

Getting Started:

In the first secton of the Basic Settings page labeled
"Does your Internet connection require a login?"

  1. Choose the bullet selection for "No".

  2. info

    If, your account requires a login it would have been provided to you by your Internet Service Provider.

    netgear router get ip automatically
  3. In the section labeled "Internet IP Address", select the bullet for "Get Dynamically from ISP".

  4. netgear router get dns automatically
  5. In the next section "Domain Name Service (DNS) Address", select "Get Dynamically from ISP" which is the setting for using DHCP.

  6. netgear router mac address
  7. In the last section of the Basic Settings page labeled: Router MAC Address, choose the bullet selection for: Use Default Address

  8. netgear router apply settings
  9. Click on the "Apply" button at the bottom of the page to save settings.

Wireless Settings: (Decisions To Make!)

netgear router wireless settings
  1. On the navigation bar, Click on the link for the "Wireless Settings" page we will be entering some very important key pieces of information into the Netgear router setup fields.

  2. These are setting up both the 2.4GHz wireless network, and the 5GHz wireless network since the WNDR3400 is a dualband router.

    tech tip

    Wireless 802.11n enabled devices will be able to see both 2.4GHz/5GHz networks and be able to choose which network they want to connect to.

    While older 802.11g enabled products will only see the 2.4GHz network.

  3. Decide whether or not you wish to broadcase our wireless network SSID, or Network Name.

  4. You must provide your wireless network with an SSID, this is the network name you will connnect to when your searching for available wireless networks.

    Once you have connected all your devices to your wireless home network, its more secure to "Disable SSID Broadcast" so your neighbors or potential Internet hackers dont see your wireless network name when searching a wireless network to connect to.

  5. Choose an SSID or Network Name to give your wireless network.

  6. Now choose a "Security Option" from None, WEP, WPA-PSK[TKIP], WPA-PSK[AES], to mixed WPA-PSK[TKIP/AES].

  7. Finally we'll be providing a strong "Passphrase", that you will enter to authenticate to your wireless network.

Lets get started: (Setting It Up!)

netgear router 2.4GHz network
  1. Setting up the 2.4GHz Network: Wireless Network (2.4GHz b/g/n), Click on the bullet selection for "Enable SSID Broadcast".

  2. In the section labeled: Wireless Network, enter a Network Name for your wireless network in the field titled "Name SSID".

  3. Leave the default settings for Channel at "Auto", and Mode to "Up to 145Mbps".

  4. In the section labeled "Security Option" for the 2.4GHz network, select the bullet for "WPA2-PSK[AES].

  5. Below in the "Security Options (WPA2-PSK)" section in the "Passphrase" field, enter a 8-63 character password for your wireless network.

tech tip

A good rule of thumb when choosing a wireless passphrase is to use words not found in the dictionary, a combination of upper and lower case letters, and numbers past the eighth digit.

Setting up the 5GHz Network:

All the settings in the 5GHz section the same with the exception of:

  1. Give the 5Ghz wireless network a unique SSID or Network Name like "FamilyName 5GHz", now set the channel to "36", and the Mode to "Up to 300Mbps".

  2. netgear router apply settings
  3. After you have completed the 5GHz wireless network settings, Click on the "Apply" button on the bottom of the page to save settings.

Once you've applied the settings, your all done!

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