Netgear Router Password

Changing your Netgear Router Default Password

Netgear router password:

The Netgear router defualt password settings vary slightly between Netgear routers, access points, and DSL modems, but after you get to know them, you'll be logged in within a couple of tries.

After the initial setup process is complete, take a few minutes to login and changed the Netgear default router password to something a little more difficult to break.

After all, the most likely place that someone will access your router is going to be someone right there inside your home, like your childern trying to trying to make changes to your router restrictions before you get home from work.

Getting Started:

There are basically two ways to gain access to your routers configuration and setup menus (local and remote).

The most probable point of entry, is to have direct local access to the router itself.

Once your router has been previously setup, any PC, laptop, or wireless enabled device with an Internet web broswer on your wirless home network can access the Netgear Router Login dialog box simply by typing in its IP address into the browsers URL address line.

If you have setup parental controls, restricted access schedules, blocked websites, or other features setup to protect your loved ones while on the Internet, you dont want anyone making changes without your knowledge.

You can also enter your Netgear wireless router password to gain access from anywhere on the Internet, if your router has had its Wireless Remote Access management turned on. This feature is disabled by default.

Changing your Netgear router default password:

In this example we'll be showing you how to change the Netgear default router password for the WNDR3400 N600 wireless router.

Lets get started:

  1. From any computer currently connected to your wireless network, open an Internet web browser such as Internet Explorer, or Google Chrome.

  2. netgear router internal ip address
  3. In the URL address field, where you normally type in and see your favorite web addresses being displayed, and type in:

  4. or depending on your model of Netgear router and press the "Enter" key.

  5. The routers login dialog box will be displayed on the screen, prompting you to enter the username and password. The username should be "admin" and the password should be "password" for most Netgear wireless routers anyway.

If the Netgear login box does not appear on your screen, then try these other username and password combinations for most common Netgear related products.

Default Username Default Password
admin password
admin admin
admin 1234
leave blank 1234
super 5777364
superman 21241036

If you have changed the Netgear router password during its initial setup process, and cannot locate it.

You can Reset Netgear Router back to its factory settings.


All your configuration information will be lost, and will have to be setup all over again.

  1. Click the OK button to log into your Netgear router after you have chosen the correct username and password for you model.

  2. netgear router set password menu

    You should now be presented with the Netgear routers main setup and configuration page.

  3. Click on the link labled "Set Password" under the "Maintenance" section on the navigation column located on the leftside of the main setup page.

  4. Create a strong password that is hard for someone to guess or break by using software password crackers.

  5. tech tip

    Never use words found in a dictionary and try using a combination of upper and lower case letters with several numeric digits passed the eighth character.

    netgear router apply settings
  6. Save the newly changed Netgear router password information, by clicking on the "Apply" button on the bottom of the page.

Thats all there is to it! Now store the new password information in a safe place for later use.

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