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Netgear router login:

You can also login remotely over the Internet in case you need to manage your wireless home network while your away.

WHNME will show you both ways to login to your Netgear router, locally and remotely.

To view the Netgear router login by direct connection, means you that you must connect an ethernet cable from your router.

Just use an available working computer on your wireless home network that has a functioning RJ45 port/network interface card (NIC) installed.

When your infront of the wireless router, the routers power cord, and a network cable to connect from the Netgear router to your PC or laptop, preform the following steps.

Netgear Router Login

Let's get started!

netgear router login
  1. Using one end of the network cable and attach it into "port 1" on the back of your Netgear wireless router.

  2. Take the other end of the network cable and attach it to the RJ45/network port on your laptop or PC.

  3. Make sure your laptop or PC is powered on and completely booted up to a ready state.

  4. Insert the Netgear power cord to the back of the router, and the AC power adapter into a working AC outlet.

  5. Let the netgear wireless router login power up completely for approx 3mins, until the router login netgear is ready for operation.

Now that your directly connected to your Netgear wireless router login, continue through the next section "Logging in wirelessly:" to access the Netgear router login box.

Logging in wirelessly:

If your Netgear router has been previously configured, you can view the Netgear router login box simply by opening your Internet browser on your PC or laptop and typing in the routers internal IP network address.

  1. On your computer, Open your perferred Internet browser.

  2. netgear router address
  3. Go to the URL address line, and type in the Netgear routers IP address, and press the "Enter" key. The default IP address for Netgear routers is either or

  4. The routers login box will appear on the screen, prompting you to enter a username and password. The username should be "admin" and the password should be "password", provided the default settings were not changed during the initial setup process.

  5. tech tip

    If the Netgear router was changed from the default settings, and you need to gain access to your Netgear wireless router. You can reset the router back to its default factory settings, by following the Reset Netgear Router procedure.

  6. Click the OK button to login to your router.

Remote router login:

If you need to access your Netgear router default login remotely over the Internet, then we need to setup your wireless router to provide access through one of its ports from outside its firewall.

After you've logged into your netgear router, and your viewing the basic setup and configuration screen.

  1. Select "Advanced" and then "Remote Management".

  2. netgear router remote management
  3. To enable remote management, put a check in the box next to "Remote Management On".

  4. Under the section "Remote Management Address" , you can choose from either "Only this Computer", "IP Address Range", or "Everyone", giving either one computer, a group of computers, or any computer the ability to login and perform remote management duties.

  5. tech tipTIP: I would like to make it clear, that it is never a good idea to leave remote management turned on all the time, because there are some individuals in the world who would find it simply irresistable until they have proven to you they have the ability to enter your network.

  6. The "Port Number" selection should be left at its default port assignment of 8080.

  7. netgear router apply settings
  8. Click the "Apply" button to save settings and exit.

  9. To access your Netgear router default login box from another computer across the Internet, simply open an Internet web broswer on the remote computer, and type the routers external WAN IP address followed by a colon and port number 8080.

  10. Example: if your routers external WAN IP address is On your remote computer you would Enter in the web browsers URL address line, and press "Enter".

This will present you with the Netgear router default login box to perform your remote management tasks.

Thats It! Thats all there is to it.

If you need further assistance in logging in to your router, please refer to the Netgear Support site located at: Netgear Router Support

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