Laptop Wireless Internet Access

Wireless Internet Laptop Connection Methods

Laptop wireless Internet access:

Wireless Internet for laptop is actually a very simple process when everything works the way its suppose to, especially if you have connected to Wi-Fi before and are a bit familiar with it.

Once your laptop has been connected to a Wi-Fi network the wireless Internet laptop connection settings are stored away in the network portion of your computers operating system, and you don't really give them much thought.

However, maybe your laptop needed to have the OS (operating system) restored, and now the laptop wireless Internet access settings have all been wiped out, or maybe you just got home from buying your spouse they're new laptop and things look and seem a little different.

laptop wireless internet access

So let's go over the process together, and get your laptop wireless Internet access up and running.

Getting Started:

We're going to assume you already have a home Wireless Network Setup, configured and ready to connect to.

When trying to connect to an available laptop wireless Internet access signal, it's always best to be well with-in the Wireless Router Range during the connection process.

Let's go into the room where the Cable Modem Wireless Router is located, so we know we should be getting best wireless Internet signal reading.

Wireless Internet connection manager:

The wireless connection manager is the utility used to locate, connect to, and disconnect from a WiFi network signal being broadcasted in your immediate area.

WHNME will take you through the steps of getting connected to a wireless network.

  1. With your laptop turned on and booted up to the desktop, and at a ready state. Look in the lower right-hand corner of your screen for the mobile wireless Internet signal connection manager icon.

  2. wifi signal not connected

    If your laptop is working properly and picking up your wireless routers signal broadcast, and you're not yet connected your screen should look like this.

    wifi adapter disabled

    If your connection manager icon is looking like this, then your built-in internal wireless network card is probably turned off.

    laptop wifi radio on/off switch
  3. To turn on your laptops internal wireless network card, look on the front edges of your laptop for Wi-Fi wireless (On/Off) switch. It should look something like this.

  4. Make sure its positioned in the (On) position, normally with a green LED indicating its turned on and functioning.

  5. info

    If you checked your Wi-Fi wireless (On/Off) switch and its turned (On) and appears that it should be functioning, and you still see a red X on your connection manager icon, then there is problem with your wireless network adapter and you'll need to perform some Home Network Troubleshooting to determine the cause of the problem.

Connecting to your wireless network:

The wireless connection manager maintains a list of any and all wireless networks in your immediate area, and can store the wireless profile information for the next time you want to connect.

  1. Using your mouse, Click on the wireless signal connection manager to open the "Available Networks" dialog box.

  2. Displaying here is all the nearby wireless Internet for laptop connections your system is detecting in your immediate area.

  3. Click on the network name or SSID of your wireless home network, and then on the "Connect" button.

  4. If your wireless network has a "Security Key" or "Passphrase" set, you'll need to Enter it here, and Click on "OK" to connect.

  5. tech tip

    If you don't know your network name (SSID), network security key or passphrase, we do provide instruction for several top manufacturers of wireless routers on the market today, so you can retrieve it from with-in your wireless Router Settings.

    Linksys Router Login Procedures   Netgear Router Login Procedures
    Belkin Router Login Procedures   D-Link Router Login Procedures

    wifi signal connected

    Once you've connected, and have laptop wireless Internet access the network settings will be stored into the operating system of your computer, and will show as connected.

That's it! You now have laptop wireless internet access, all you have to do is open your favorite web browser and enjoy surfing the web.

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