Dlink Router Security

Choosing The Correct
D-Link Router Security Mode

Dlink router security:

Dlink wireless security settings are very important in the world we live in today, especially now in an age where everything has gone wireless.

The days of having privacy just because nobody was in the immediate area are over, but thank goodness for the dlink router security settings.

D-Links innovative wireless networking products available, and we'll show you how to setup your wireless security.

In just a few minutes you can access your d-link wireless security menus and tighten up your Wi-Fi network keeping your family and important files safe from online predators and threats.

dlink router security

We'll cover the D-Link Router Security Setup options and security modes available for your network.

This will assure you're level of dlink security meets your needs, and teach you how to create multi-layer security making your wireless home network an impenetrable fortress.

Dlink router security modes:

Disable Wireless Security (not recommended)
Using this d-link wireless security level allows friends and family to connect without having to enter any passphrase. Although it's totally unsecure, if wanted to share your Internet connection freely like a Wi-Fi hotspot this would be the ideal dlink security mode for easy access.

Enable WEP Wireless Security (basic)
This is the earliest of the security types has shown to have severe security weaknesses, so only use this dlink security mode if your wireless enabled device cannot connect using a stronger security cipher.

Enable WPA Only Wireless Security (enhanced)
This level of dlink security is more advanced than WEP, because it uses a dynamic key encryption referred to as TKIP to secure the Ethernet packets as they pass through the air waves, and is considered a very secure dlink wireless security mode of choice.

Enable WPA2 Only Wireless Security (enhanced)
WPA2, also called RSN (Robust Security Network) uses the most Advanced Encryption Standard otherwise known as the AES cipher block, and meets the government's FIPS 140-2 compliance requirements, and is the strongest of dlink security types.

Enable WPA/WPA2 Wireless Security (enhanced)
The mixed mode allows wireless enabled devices using either dlink security mode to operate simultaneously connected on the same wireless access point. For high end wireless enabled equipment sharing the AP with slightly older devices this would be the best choice.

tech tip

TIP: Always apply the strongest level d-link wireless security that is supported by your wireless network devices, and remember when you choose WEP or WPA it will cause your new DRAFT-N wireless devices to operate at G speeds when connected to the access point.

dlink router security setup

D-Link wireless security setup:

In this example we'll be using screen shots taken from a D-Link DIR300 series wireless router, however if your model is different just follow along as most D-Link routers have very similar configuration menus.

The dlink router security setup is configured through an html based application stored inside the router that can be accessed by your favorite Internet browser.

If you have never logged into your D-Link router before, and are unfamiliar with the Dlink Router Login process, we provide instructions on most models of D-Link wireless routers on the market.

Let's get started:

Once you're signed in to your D-Link router, you will be looking at the opening page located at the "SETUP" tab and "Internet Setup" sub tab.

dlink router setup tab
  1. On the main navigation bar Click on "SETUP", and then the "Wireless Setup" sub tab.

  2. The dlink security page is where we can make changes to allow your wireless enabled devices to connect with the router.

  3. Start by Clicking on "Manual Wireless Connection Setup" located at the bottom of the page, so we can manually configure your dlink security mode.

  4. Once in manual mode look for the section titled "Wireless Security Mode", Choose the strongest dlink router security that supports all your wireless enabled devices.

  5. Here we'll be selecting "Enable WPAWPA2 Wireless Security (enhanced)" because it's the toughest dlink wireless security mode offered in the dropdown list.

  6. dlink router security mode

  7. In the next fields for the "Cipher Type:" and "PSK / EAP:", just leave them at their default values.

  8. dlink router network key
  9. In the "Network Key:" field, enter a passphrase that you will use when connecting to your Wi-Fi network.

  10. dlink router save settings
  11. To complete the configuration of your dlink router security, Click "Save Settings" to apply the changes.

Once the settings have been saved, you can close out your Internet browser and power cycle your D-Link router for the new changes to take effect.

That's it! You're all done with your dlink security setup.

Additional dlink router security: (for the overly paranoid)

You can increase the level of protection by adding additional layers to your wireless home network security, making it near impossible for even the savviest of hackers to break in with these two key features.

mac address filtering

MAC Address Filtering:

A MAC Address Filtering list is a catalogue of network card addresses contained in your routers configuration that gets compared to the physical network device trying to access the network.

If the device tying to connect doesn't have the exact piece of hardware that corresponds to the list contained in the router, connection is simply denied.

Creating a computer MAC Address Filter gives you the ability to "Permit" or "Deny" access to any equipment that doesn't belong to you, and is one of the toughest methods of dlink router security available.

You can create a MAC Address Filter in the "Access Control" sub tab of the "ADVANCED" setup section in your D-Link wireless routers configuration utility.

disable ssid broadcast

Disable SSID Network Broadcast:

One of the biggest reasons unwanted threats try to access your wireless home network, is simply because it's there.

Your dlink router security would be strengthening 10 fold if you could just make it disappear and seem invisible to your neighbors and surrounding area.

Good thing for you, your dlink router security options include such a feature, and can be turned off in the "Wireless Setup" sub tab of the "SETUP" section on the main navigation bar inside your D-Link wireless router.

Well, there you have it! If you apply all these dlink security measures layered on top of each other you'll never have to worry about unwanted access stepping foot on your wireless paradise.

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