Dlink Router Reset

Save And Restore D-Link Router Settings
Using The Dlink Reset Router Feature

Dlink router reset:

Dlink routers can be restored back to their factory settings by either of two methods.

One is to use the dlink reset router button on the back of the router.

The other method is by using the "Save and Restore" (recommended) option.

Save and Restore allows you to save a current firmware configuration to a HD, so it can be reloaded at a later time.

The dlink reset router procedure should only be used as a last resort when you've exhausted every effort in locating the D-Link Router Password, unless you'll be using the save configuration to HD option from within the routers setup.

dlink router reset

Resetting a D-Link router back to its factory default settings, will wipe out important setup and configuration information which might allow your wireless enabled devices and or software applications to operate correctly.

Also, the D-Link reset router factory setting for an external IP will be to have it requested from a DHCP server, so if your ISP has assigned you a "Static IP" during the initial setup of your Internet service you may want to contact them to request another copy of the "Static IP" information sheet.

Getting started:

First we'll be demonstrating the "Save and Restore" feature located within the D-Link setup and configuration applet, and then going over the manual reset method.

In this example we'll be providing screen snap shots from a D-Link DIR300 series wireless router, however most D-Link wireless routers contain all the usual features between the different models.

You may be unfamiliar with the Dlink Router Login process. If you are, we do provide instruction on most models of D-Link wireless routers on the market.

Dlink router reset and restore feature:

  1. Once you're signed into your wireless router, and you see the "Internet Setup" opening screen, click on "Manual Internet Connection Setup" located on the lower half of your page.

  2. dlink router setup maintenance tab
  3. Using the top navigation bar Click on the "MAINTENANCE" section, and then on the "Save and Restore" sub tab located on the left navigation column.

  4. tech tip

    TIP: You might want to "Save" the current configuration to a folder on your HD for safe keeping in case you need to reload the old configuration to recover settings lost in oversight. Even you might think you won't need the old configuration, there might be details on port forwards and polices you might want to have access to later on.

  5. Next, click on the "Restore Device" button located in the "SAVE AND RESTORE SETTINGS" section of the "Save and Restore" page, to initiate the dlink router reset.

  6. dlink restore defaults

  7. After the dlink reset router process is complete, click on the "Reboot" button located on the bottom of the left navigation bar to power cycle the D-Link and begin with the Dlink Router Setup process.

Now that we have finished with the dlink reset router procedure, we'll be turning on your wireless network equipment and connecting them with the newly configured D-Link Router Settings one at a time.

That's it! Your D-Link wireless router is now back to its factory settings.

Dlink router reset button: (on back of router)

Before we begin the reset dlink router procedure, please insure that the D-Link DIR300 series wireless router is plugged in, and powered on to a ready state.

dlink router reset button
  1. Locate the dlink router reset pin hole on the back of the router next to the power port as follows.

  2. When reset button is pressed it will take 10 seconds until the "Status LED" starts to blink.

  3. Using the end of a paperclip insert the tip into the reset pin hole and depress the dlink router reset button until the "Status LED" located on the front of the DIR300 starts to blink rapidly.

  4. When the Status LED has started blinking, you may release the paperclip and wait for the dlink reset router process to complete, which should take approx 1-2mins.

After waiting for several minutes until the D-Link router has completely reset, and has rebooted itself to a ready state, the process is complete.

That's it! The reset dlink router button has now put your D-Link DIR300 back to its factory settings and you may begin the Dlink Wireless Router setup process.

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