Dlink Router Login

D-Link Wired, Wireless And Remote Login Access

Dlink router login:

Logging into a D-Link wireless router can be accomplished in several ways.

We'll be going over each login method so you can setup and configure your router.

This will allow you to login whether your at home or on the road using your laptop or wireless enabled smart phone.

We'll be logging into a D-Link wireless router by wired connection, wirelessly and using a remote management connection.

This will give you the ability to make changes to your wireless home network while you're located beyond the reaches of your home networks Wi-Fi signal range.

Let's get started:

In this example we'll be using the setup and configuration pages for a D-Link DIR300 series wireless router. Your Dlink router may be a slightly different design and or model, but the basic concepts are the same and the menu's should look very similar.

Wired router login:

The most common method used for dlink router login is by direct connection, because the average consumer only accesses the router configuration pages during its initial setup process and never thinks about it again.

To open a dlink router login box by wired connection requires that you create a physical connection between your wireless router and a working PC or laptop using an Ethernet cable.

  1. Gather the following items; the D-Link DIR300 wireless router, the routers power supply, and an Ethernet cable.

  2. dlink router network port
  3. Using one end of the network cable attach it to "Port 1" on the back of your D-Link router.

  4. It should be seated securely in the RJ45 port of the router.

  5. Take the other end of the network cable and plug it into the RJ45/network port on your computer that will be used to configure your D-Link wireless router.

  6. dlink router power port
  7. Plug the D-Link DIR300 routers power cord to the back of the D-Link router.

  8. With the power cord connected to the router plug the AC adapter into a working AC outlet.

  9. Let the router power up for approx 3mins until the router is at a ready state, and continue on through the next section to sign in using your dlink router login.

Wireless router login:

If your D-Link wireless router has previously been setup, you can access your dlink login box wirelessly by opening a web browser typing in your Dlink Router IP Address.

dlink router internal ip address
  1. Using your PC or Laptop open an Internet browser and go to the URL address line.

  2. We'll be using the browser to access the D-Link router.

  3. In the URL address line type in: HTTP:// and press the "Enter" key.>

  4. The router login box will appear on the screen, asking you to enter a username and password. The username should be "admin" and the password should be left blank for most models of dlink routers.

  5. Click the "Login" button to login to your router.

If the username and password credentials are incorrect, and you want to see a list of default Dlink Router Password credentials for most common wireless routers we do support.

dlink router login

Remote router login:

D-Link wireless routers also have the ability to setup remote access to your routers configuration pages in case you need to access them while on the go.

  1. To setup dlink remote login ability, we need to configure your D-Link router to provide outside access using one of its ports.

  2. Once you've signed in using the dlink router login procedure under the wired router access section, click on the "Maintenance" tab, and then the "Device Administration" sub tab.

  3. tech tip

    TIP: When setting up remote access it is extremely important to change the D-Link router default settings for the Username and Password, because once remote management is enabled, it will become available to anyone in the world who knows its D-Link External IP Address.

  4. On the "Administrator Settings" page of your D-Link DIR300 wireless router, under the section labeled "Remote Management", place a check in the box for the field "Enable Remote Management".

  5. If you want to only allow a particular IP address to access your router from the outside, then type in the IP address in the field labeled "IP Allowed to Access:".

  6. dlink remote access

    FYI: Keep in mind that when traveling on the road, if you're not using a "Static IP" address you will probably not be able to login remotely, because the hotspots DHCP server will most likely assign you a different address then the one you set in your routers configuration.

  7. In the field labeled "Port:" leave the default settings of 8080.

  8. dlink router apply settings
  9. Click the "Save Settings" button to save the settings, and apply the changes we made to the D-Link router.

Login over the Internet:

To be able to login remotely to your D-Link wireless router it's important that you know the D-Link External IP Address of your router.

  1. Click on the "Status" tab and write down the "IP Address:" under the section labeled "Internet".

  2. tech tip

    TIP: The external IP address and the port number 8080 is what you need for the dlink remote login.

  3. Simply open a web browser from a remote computer across the Internet and type in the external IP address you wrote down during its configuration followed by a "colon" and the port number assigned, press "Enter".

  4. An example would be: (press enter) Where is your routers external IP address and 8080 was the port number assigned for remote access.

  5. A dlink router login box should appear prompting you to sign in to your router giving you dlink router login remotely over the Internet.

That's it! You now know several ways to access your dlink router login box from anywhere in the world.

If you are in need of addtional assistance, please refer to the D-Link Support site for up to date instructions

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