Dlink Router IP Address

Changing The Default Dlink IP Address

dlink router ip address:

The internal d-link router ip address is the default gateway address for your home wireless network.

This is the IP address or network location your computers and wireless devices look for to leave your local area network and go out on the Internet in search of their destination address.

It's important to mention that wireless routers have both an Internal IP Address and an External IP Address.

dlink router ip address

The internal dlink router IP is normally set to the default address of

If you want to see your networks d-link router ip address that it uses for its default gateway.

Just use the "ipconfig /all" command from any computer connected to your wireless home network which has Internet access.

Viewing the D-Link Internal IP Address:

  1. Using your PC or laptop open up a command prompt by Clicking on...

  2. Start\All Programs\Accessories\Command Prompt

    This will start your computers command line interpreter displaying your current path followed by a blinking cursor.

  3. Next, type in the command: "ipconfig /all" and press the "Enter" key.

  4. ipconfig information
  5. When the results are displayed, just scroll up near the top of the information and look for the "Default Gateway" address which should be for most dlink router ip address set by factory settings.

This is your dlink router ip address for your wireless home network.

If you need to change your internal dlink router ip, because your ISP's modem router is using the same internal address, this can be done by making changes to the routers configuration stored inside the dlink wireless router.

Changing your dlink router IP address:

In this example we'll be using the configuration menus from a D-Link DIR300 series wireless router, however most dlink wireless routers contain very simular setup menu designs, so just follow through and you'll get the general idea.

This will demonstrate how to change the "Internal" IP address of a D-Link wireless router, if your needing to change the Dlink External IP Address of your router we do provide information on that subject as well.

To access the routers setup and configuration menus we'll need to login to your Dlink wireless router.

  1. If your not familiar with the Dlink Router Login process, we do provide instruction for most common models of D-Link wireless routers on the market.

  2. dlink dir-300 setup tab

    The initial screen upon signing in to your dlink router will be the "SETUP" tab, displaying the "Internet Setup" sub-menu.

  3. On the bottom half of your sreen, select the button labeled "Manual Internet Connection Setup" in the section labeled "Manual Internet Connection Options"

  4. dlink dir-300 lan setup page
  5. Next, click on the "LAN Setup" tab on the navigation bar on the leftside of the screen, and it will be opened to the "Setup" sub tab by default.

  6. The "LAN Setup" page will be displayed on the rightside of the screen allowing you to make changes to the configuration.

    dlink router internal ip address
  7. In the section labeled "Router Settings", you can change your internet dlink router ip address by entering the new address in the field labeled "Router IP Address:".

  8. dlink router save settings
  9. After entering the new dlink ip address, click on the "Save Settings" button on the bottom of the page.

  10. To have the new d-link ip address become effective on your wireless home network, just the router by unplugging the power cord at the back of the D-Link wireless router, waiting for 3mins and plugging it back in.

tech tip

TIP: When the router is restarted and completely powered up to a ready state, you will need to also reboot or power cycle all the network equipment connected to your local area network, so they're aware of the new default gateway address.

Thats it! You just changed the internet dlink router ip address of your wireless home network.

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