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Wireless Network Technologies:

wireless network technologies

Home wireless networks have forever changed our world. Most every electronic device ever created is going wireless, as long as there is a need for the information to travel. In today's world there are many flavors of home wifi technology emerging out of the air waves.

We cover these amazing technologies in detail ranging from Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, WiMAX and all the way up to wireless VPN and beyond. You'll learn how wireless technology works, get tips on how to setup and configure your own wireless home network, and glimpse the possibilities of where our world is headed.

Wireless Routers & Access Points:

wireless routers and access points

Wireless Internet routers play a key role in a wireless home network, so it's important to understand how they operate, and what features they contain to make your wireless router perform as expected.

We support several of the leading manufacturers of high performance wireless Internet routers, explaining in detail how to setup and configure these innovative high tech devices to help you unleash the potential of your wireless router for your home wireless network.

Wireless Printers & Print Servers:

wireless printers and print servers

Wireless print servers are an absolute must in today's world of trying to have a high tech network at home without your home looking like a office building. Using a wireless print server gives you the ability to hide your printers out of view from friends and visitors maintaining your homes unique charm.

Simply connect a network USB cable from your printers to the wireless print server, and they're now conveniently connected as part of your wireless network. Just choose the printer you wish to use, and your documents are streamed through the air waves to your printer of choice. No wires, no mess!

Wireless Network Adapters:

wireless network adapters

Wireless network adapters have become the preferred choice when getting connected to the Internet, over the older standard network interface cards with just an RJ45 jack. Newer models of wireless network adapters on the market today include cutting edge technologies.

Features like MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) to increase wireless speeds and signal reliability using smart antenna technology is becoming the way to go, in this ever crowded world of wireless signal interferences. A definite must have when upgrading your home wifi specification to the next level.

Many wireless technology products play an interconnected role in a wireless home network, meaning that the functionality of one device depends on another device to make its features operate as advertised.

If you need a specific question answered relating to wireless home networks, just "Ask Us A Question!", and our friendly support staff will be glad to assist you."

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